Offering 18+ Cam model websites , Blogs , websites, Galleries, Shops, Seo , Graphics or even device support what ever you need I got it.


Hi, I have made loads of money promoting porn and you know what……..

Its easy.

I’ve made so much  I thought I’d share most of my knowledge with the world.

If you are interested in making money from online adult entertainment content then this is the place to start.

There is a huge amount of money to be made from Porn.

Net Ratings , tracks the number of visitors to porn Web sites. It says that in April 2001, there were 22.9 million unique visitors to porn sites.

22.9 million unique visitors! WOW thats a huge target audience.

I know what your thinking I dont know how to do that stuff, well dont worry I’ve got your back.

You can make money if you have internet skills or not.

  • If you are a web master or interested in learning how easily you can create your own site then click here
  • If you can perform in front of a live camera, not for he feint of heart i admit, but with potential earnings of 350+ an hour its better than a desk job click here.

I have my own webhosting  and can tell you that you dont even  need to know any kind of programing code, you dont even need to  know how a server really works, if you can work a PC then you can earn money from it.

I will be updating this site regularly with more and more info and links I may even allow user made blogs just email if you think this would be good for you.

Apart from that stay tuned and I’ll help earn you cash.


My products are different from those cookie cutter BS ones u can get for 500-1000, if you take up a dedicate site you will get FULL CONTROL , all the logons, i hand it all over to you it’s yours plus  all the info to carry on and do ur own SEO, publishing ….. I mean i dont want to be bothered every time u need to chage a graphic or some jumk . Its yours it will be easy.

I get asked alot how much it costs well it depends on what u need it to do .

Firstly YOU buy the domain and hosting,it yours after all.

  • I guess basic package (lol basic by no means)
  • would be a fully customisable blog site,gallery, social , what ever …. full control however you like
  • complete google package (not just site submission) the whole works. (Analytics, adwords, keywords,) ….. and all the logons remember
  • yeah yeah custom domain etc
  • yes and email …10 inbox’s
  • 15 hours work @ a  £10 ph. = 150 gbp    ahem + tips if u like :)
  • Medium pack is the same as above but you get extended SEO (search engine optimisation) before launch.
  • 10 x subdomains ( a sub domain seperates your main site into divided dedicated sections. like )
  • 20 x emails …. yeah  i know its too many already :P
  • Adwords campaign ready
  • and my ever ready launch support.
  • 25 hours work @ £10 gbp  =£250
  • And the Pro is way to hard to price, that would depend an many things, do they need models or photography done ,custom 3d logos or video editing .much much different

ok well thats that for now laters folks